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This is a long overdue note of thanks. Time gives us perspective, and frankly things happened so quickly that I needed a moment to absorb my new life. Reflecting on questions you posed when we began our work, I was moved to tears upon realizing that everything I was committed to changing in my life, yet resisting, has in fact changed.

You have had a profound impact on my path to better things. The heart and integrity with which you work created a safe haven for me to take life-changing risks. Your counsel was wise; your guidance steadfast and gentle. In very short order you helped me reconnect with myself which empowered me to step forward with purpose and resolve, enabling me to make the life shifts that I had resisted for so long.

You work with such honesty, heart and humor… for this and much more, I thank you.

With gratitude,
--Kelly Cole, The Corcoran Group, NY.

At first, I was skeptical about business coaching as I figured only an entrepreneur or someone with hands-on business experiences could help me grow my business. Well I was wrong and right. I am fortunate to have located Mark Reich. He is the only coach I know who combines real-world corporate successes, a legal background, an education in coaching techniques and has his own unique coaching methodology.

Mark understands my business and the needs and thinking of my customers - Fortune 1000 companies, venture capitalists and technology based start-ups. After working with Mark for several months, I know that hiring him as my coach was the best decision that I’ve ever made!

Mark’s coaching delivers results. Right from the start, Mark helped me grow my business in ways that I hadn’t previously considered. By helping me weed out bad relationships and build upon the good ones, he helped me focus my energies on work that is both professionally and spiritually rewarding. Since I began work with Mark, my life has changed, both professionally and personally, for the better. I highly recommend working with Mark Reich to anyone who wants to reach their professional and personal goals.

--Ed Gyurko, CEO, Brand Illumination, NY

I really appreciate your focus on behavior and responsibility for self versus changing other people.

--CJ, Consultant, Illinois

During the most challenging times of my 25 years in business, we called in Mark Reich to help analyze the viability of our graphic design and marketing firm. After days pouring through the numbers, issues and people, Mark helped us determine it was worth saving, and could be successful again with tight reins and smart planning. He helped us develop a short term plan for survival and a longer term plan for ultimate emergence from that mode.

Mark has the unique ability to “hit the ground running”. He picked up our processes and situation quickly and was able to make suggestions for rapid improvement. He didn’t try to reinvent our procedures as much as he sought to understand them and coach us through needed changes. His flexibility, open-mindedness and respect for our knowledge and instincts made us feel comfortable and confident enough to allow ourselves to be coached, re-build our business and ensure our own success.

He stayed with us through the implementation phase acting as a long-distance director. His consulting and coaching was critical in helping me to cope with the personal and business stress, fear and daily uncertainty, as he guided us in restructuring our business. It has been almost a year since and we are living that long range plan, having turned the worst corner a leaner and more focused profitable company.

--S. West, Pres., Graphic Design and Marketing, Va.

When I availed myself of your services, I definitely got more than I bargained for! [I] always think of what you’d advise and try to close loopholes fairly and promote collaboration, all while being diplomatic. It’s working! Very well!
I am grateful for having an astute coach, attorney-business advisor to guide me through my business development. Mark is a nurturing coach…He comes HIGHLY recommended.

--GB, New Media Technology, NY

My initial work with Mark Reich was focused on coping with a bad work situation. Mark was able to help me not only defuse an adversarial relationship with my boss but also turn him into an ally. While this was the initial motivation, his coaching open up new options I had not considered. He helped me develop a two pronged approach of improving and succeeding at the old position while pursuing other opportunities.

Mark’s approach is unique and effective. He is a good listener. He identifies behaviors and situations that can be changed to your advantage. He helped me discover strategies that were appropriate to my specific work environment and to my own style.

Our work has covered a wide range of situations and has successfully led me to a wonderful new employment opportunity that satisfies my goals for the future. He is now helping me develop my leadership abilities and management skills as I use my broadened awareness in situations daily. Mark’s coaching skills have been invaluable in turning a bad situation into a good one, and in supporting me to make the changes in my business that I needed to make but had been unable to accomplish on my own. In addition to coaching, I have relied on Mark’s legal counsel as he has represented me in related matters.

--AZ, Vice President, JP Morgan

Working with Mark has equipped me to identify my bosses’ dysfunctional behaviors, recognize when they appear, and implement solutions we’ve planned together… Amazingly, my boss just reversed his own criticism and gave me a strong performance review!

--LL, Customer Service Mgr., NY

Great stuff.

--LL, Headhunter, Montreal, Canada

I wanted to bring my business to the next level, so I decided to seek Mark’s expertise and help in building a business strategy. He helps to push you to do the mundane and helps you to reach intelligent, thoughtful decisions on the complex. When he questions you two things happen, 1. You are forced to think deeply about your positions, and 2. You are presented with and discover different points of view- fresh perspectives. I feel that any successful company needs a counselor to help mold the concepts. If you want success, you want Mark.

--SW, Technology Business Owner

Faced with an illness, I knew I had to do something differently, but how? On Doctor’s orders I needed to change how I ate. I have struggled with poor eating habits for a long time and was extremely resistant to change. Thus I began my relationship with Mark as my coach. His encouraging style is probing, challenging and reinforcing. He got me to seriously look at my current habits. With his guidance and support, I was able to change bad habits into new practices in support of my own health. Thank you!

--HB, Coach and HR Consultant, Massachusetts

Your presentation is wonder-ful. As my double degree is in psychology I am familiar with much non-usable theoretical information concerning people and the dynamics of personal interaction….I could not draw on much of this background in helping clients or myself. No dull, dry theory divorced from life-application here. How can I express my enthusiasm and respect for your work without sounding sappier?

--M. Friedlein, Reg. Nurse, CPM, Nebraska

President's Message:
I’m very please to report that our last meeting was a wonderful success. Mark Reich, JD led the group through an intellectually stimulating presentation on the IRAP Program, with plenty of discussion of applications to personal situations of those in attendance. In our attempt to provide useful, cutting edge thinking for seasoned (and close to becoming seasoned) professionals, Mark clearly delivered.

--ASTD E-Newsletter Westchester/Mid-Hudson, NY Chapter Meeting 12/02

As a result our work…we were able to come up with some helpful strategies that will solve our information-flow problem and keep the boss happy, too. Again, thanks.

--BSS, Asst. Dir Pub Info, Midwestern College, Iowa

I got a lot out of the class, and I thank you very very much. I not only got a new strategy to try, but I got validation that I HAVE been doing as much as I could in a "no win" situation. It helped me tremendously as this situation has been both professional draining and personally distressing. Thank you again.

--CW, Attorney, Denver, Co.

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