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I am grateful for having an astute coach, attorney-business advisor to guide me through my business development.
--GB, New Media Technology, NY

I am a Strategist, an Advocate and a Coach. My practice is an interplay of these disciplines, applied in Transformational Coaching and Consulting. Transformational Coaching and Consulting is a hybrid approach to creating high impact, sustainable changes that improve personal and business prosperity and lead to greater levels of individual fulfillment and life balance.

My role as coach is to guide and skillfully employ techniques to unveil, to draw connections and create strategies to transform your desires into fulfilled goals. My responsibilities are to clarify realities and distinguish illusions, to highlight strengths, help you understand and improve weaknesses, and to assist you to experience the harmony. I present to you 25 years of business experience and legal knowledge coupled with all of my coaching, consulting and advocacy skills in service of achieving your successes.

In consulting we address the substantive and practical “nuts and bolts” issues of operating and growing a business. By combining consulting with coaching we more readily understand the larger business and personal pictures and identify purpose and authenticities. Each engagement is grounded in your specific circumstances and requirements. This unique process promotes a designed transition that recognizes your desires and accounts for the existing practicalities of your business and life.

As I help you illuminate your goals we will refine the interpersonal skills and critical thinking that support empowered performances and achieving meaningful change. Our work is results oriented. We create an action agenda to follow to transform the possibilities you identify into your new actualities.

I created this hybrid approach to coaching and consulting to maximize my effect in helping clients reach their goals. My practice is founded upon my extensive business and legal knowledge, proven experiences in developing these human proficiencies and a profound respect for your individuality. This way is a multifaceted approach to crafting and implementing the lasting changes you seek. My commitment is to tap the flow of personal and business wisdoms and design a transition that will help you actualize potential and achieve your goals.

The areas where I work include:

Business, Executive and Personal Coaching

  • Transition design - Individual and organizational change
  • Strategy and tactics - Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Business creation, growth and development initiatives
  • Leadership and management skills development
  • Career management and career change
  • Relationship enhancement - Interpersonal skill development
  • Compassionate communication, negotiation and presentation skills
  • Business and personal life balance

Business Coaching Programs

  • Team building - Performance improvement
  • Transforming workplace obstacles and difficult workplace relationships
  • Employing new methods and processes
  • Conflict resolution - Overcoming dysfunctional paradigms
  • Navigating through office politics
  • Meeting, dialogue and group facilitation


  • General corporate affairs – substantive management and operations evaluation for performance and profitability improvement
  • New business formation, acquisition and expansion
  • Strategic planning
  • Systems and processes design and re-engineering
  • Organizational growth and business development
  • Finance, cash and accounts management
  • Turn around and restructuring
  • Communications and marketing strategies and tactics


  • Counsel and legal representation in corporate and real estate transactions and conflict resolution associated with coaching or consulting matters
Do not go where the path may lead.
Go where there is no path and leave a trail.

--Ralph Waldo Emerson

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