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How I Work

My Philosophy

IRAP Overview


I consider all human beings to be creative, resourceful and of infinite possibility. This wonderful potential is often suppressed, masked by the pressures experienced at work and in all aspects of everyday life.

I have established Transformational Coaching and Consulting to empower individuals and organizations to connect with their infinite possibilities and create meaningful change in the business of life. I guide clients to recognize where they are in the present moment of their career, personal and business development, and assist them to create a future-oriented vision to establish goals focused on combining individual achievment with group collaboration. I coach individuals around human dynamics and interpersoanl skills, and as consultant offer critical analysis and advice concerning the technical "nuts and bolts" issues of operating and growing a business.

A central focus in this approach is to develop the faculties of awareness and promote critical thinking in concert with honing interpersonal skills. From this foundation I assist clients to create sustainable, high impact changes that increase satisfaction and prosperity. Awareness serves as the foundation for establishing goals and making meaningful changes in business and authentic personal transitions in life. We employ The IRAP Way™ to transform obstacles into possibilities.

I promote actualizing each individual’s innate potential and free will through relationships founded on respect and concern. The process is designed to foster client's creativity and humanity in all relationships. In this work I take a very pragmatic approach to addressing the specific circumstances of each client's particular business and personal issues. After clarifying purpose, values and desires we develop strategies and solutions that support individuality and strike the just balance with the competing social, business and economic concerns of the workplace and life.

I approach this transformational process from a global, holistic orientation. In adopting a long term view client's learn to engage all of their senses and present themselves in their essential nature. As the client develops personal and social capacities, inter-personal skills and compassionate communication techniques new practices evolve in support of articulated goals. Deeper understanding and self-awareness promotes purposeful achievement and change and leads to greater individual fulfillment and life balance.

Living Thinking
The vehicle for taking hold and transforming repetitive situations into future success is the process of living thinking. Living thinking is a three fold approach grounded upon thinking, feeling and willing. Informed judgment and empowered management of self and others naturally flows from the living process of thinking with awareness, feeling the effects and impact of contemplated actions, and then taking action that is aligned and intertwined with individual and business goals.

To become authentic is a cornerstone to actualizing potential. Choosing the path of authenticity begins the initiation and requires attention, dedication and heartfelt action. It is in the safe and confidential environment I create in my work where clients enjoy the freedom to explore and uncover personal passions and to connect with their unique mission. There, using The IRAP Way™ resistances will be identified, obstacles clarified and vulnerabilities transformed into transition strategies.

As the skin of historical resistance sheds, behaviors shift to implementing original alternatives for the future. Authenticity manifests as mindful performance. This work is not the acquisition of abstract knowledge. This transformation process stirs to actuality previously hidden potential. It appears in the actions of high impact individuals and teams, self-advancing executive leadership and more profitable business operations.

Building Awareness
I teach clients to integrate a practice of recognizing the Three Levels of Human Connection as a vantage point for understanding human interactions. These Three Levels of Connection are: Level 1- Self, Level 2 - The immediate circle of intimate others (e.g., boss, co-workers, significant other, children, etc), and Level 3 - The larger spheres beyond Level 2 such as the department, the organization, the community, the world, all the way to the cosmos.

Consciously recognizing and understanding the objective and subjective dynamics that occur between and within ourselves and others on all Three Levels of Human Connection is awareness. Heightened awareness creates clarity, promotes well informed decision making and supports unification of purposes and shared achievement.

Developing Human Social and Personal Capacities
I promote developing the Human Personal and Social Capacities to assist clients to form practices that embracing developing awareness.

The Human Personal Capacities are:

  • Self confidencelinked with humility
  • Self control with gentleness
  • Presence of mind with steadfastness

These fundamental capacities serve as the footings upon which to transform potential into self-actualization. When the Personal Capacities are appropriately regulated and coordinated through self-awareness, individuals become balanced, whole, replete with humanity. With ever-renewed effort these capacities develop as integral routine. Coarseness in interactions gives way to refinement in understanding of self, others and the physical world as life evolves in all realms. Successful performers exhibit all of these qualities.

As clients improve and incorporate these Personal Capacities into their beings, the focus broadens to developing the Human Social Capacities. The Social Capacities are the building blocks for civilized and successful daily interactions.

The Human Social Capacities include:

  • empathy
  • compassionate communications
  • responsible relationships
  • respecting diversity
  • conflict resolution skills
  • team building orientation
  • group motivation
  • political acumen
In weaving these capacities and living thinking, heart feeling and activated will into the fabric of our individuality, we enrich ourselves and transform into high performance achievers at work and at play. Notable leaders are distinguished by their use of these capacities in daily interactions serving self, others and the larger collective organization.

Through Transformational Coaching and Consulting awareness will expand, core values and personal identity will be revealed and daily practices will become infused with imagination and inspiration. Individual purpose and goals become clear and considered strategies and solutions will be created that align personal and organizational needs. Obstacles will be transformed into Actualized Potential. Your success and that of your organization is my primary concern.


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