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An Overview of The IRAP Way™

The IRAP Way™ -- Identify Resistance – Actualize Potential – is a path to follow to create and implement change in the business of your life. IRAP supports actualizing potential through identifying resistances and awakening new capacities for knowledge and freedom. Understanding the relationship between the obstacles you encounter and your untapped potential will enable you to present your authentic individuality and undertake self - fulfilling action to reach your goals.

Recognizing that potential is the antidote to resistance allows you to separate from habitual behaviors - those repetitive ways we act that support resistance to change and appear as devotion to the past. Consciously recognizing and then disengaging from these obstacles permits the shift of attention from past negativities to creative, forward looking actions. IRAP promotes empowered relationships by helping you determine the just balance between personal authenticities and competing social, business and financial concerns. In the circumstances of each moment IRAP encourages living thinking - feeling awareness and application of your responsible wisdoms to maximize personal effectiveness.

The IRAP Way™ evolved from my own transition and study as I chose to confront and transform my resistances and fears into new realities. IRAP is both a philosophy for creating thoughtful change, and also an effective way of working. It is a powerful tool to help identify, understand and overcome the obstacles encountered in daily interactions.

IRAP is predicated upon knowledge of The Three Levels of Human Connection: Level 1. Self, Level 2. The Other - your immediate circle of significant contacts, and Level 3. The larger spheres beyond Level 2 from the department, groups and organizations to which you belong to the community to the cosmos.

Obstructions and blockages arise and exist at each of these Levels at all times. As you embrace this practice and heighten your awareness of the ever-present dynamics existing at the Three Levels of Human Connection, resistances become more readily apparent and the sources more easily identified. In the light of this awareness you will cultivate responses and strategies to transform these obstacles of the past into actualized potential for your future.

Through this sensible process of noticing and understanding, IRAP advances transition to authentic, heart felt actions in all relationships. IRAP is a supportive tool that will equip you to freely shape your own course for purposeful change. As you master this technique and creatively work with resistances as they appear in all aspects of business and life, the focus of your attention will sharpen, your intentions will crystallize and you will take purposeful actions to achieve your goals.


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