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In very short order you helped me reconnect with myself which empowered me to step forward with purpose and resolve, enabling me to make the life shifts that I had resisted for so long.
--Kelly Cole, The Corcoran Group, NY

My coaching is a dialogue that takes place in a confidential and safe environment. We focus on your business concerns and personal desires as we explore the issues of the moment and your visions for the future. Transformational Coaching is an interactive process that will help you to clarify your goals and create strategies and solutions to implement meaningful changes in the business of your life.

I employ a co-active approach to coaching individuals, teams and groups. We collaboratively design our relationship to uncover your true authenticities and to turn your aspirations and desires into realities. As I aid you through this process, we will uncover the just balance between your requirements and goals and the competing social, business and financial concerns. The changes you make will noticeably improve your effectiveness, create lasting improvements to business and lead to new realities of personal fulfillment and life balance.

As your coach I will guide and assist you to identify obstacles and create opportunities. I will help you to evaluate possibilities and design transition strategies and plans that actualize your potential and capitalize on opportunities. I will devote all of my business expertise and legal knowledge coupled with my coaching, consulting and advocacy skills to serve you in achieving your goals.

We often employ The IRAP Way™ to identify resistances and habitual, impeding behaviors that stand in opposition to creating change. I support you in this process, championing your efforts and achievements, holding the structure and helping you navigate to transform the retarding forces into future possibilities. Our focus is on the present and your future. We will activate your imagination and inspire your vision to reveal purpose and objectives, and to formulate your agenda. Our work is action oriented and directed to achieving the changes you seek. I provide accountability as you forward the action and implement the strategies we develop to reach your goals.

Through Transformational Coaching you will attain fresh insights and new understandings about the processes and the substantive and inter-personal issues confronting you and your business. The strategies and action plan we develop will transform your obstacles into solutions. Transformational Coaching will help you achieve sustainable results and make the changes you desire in all aspects of your business and life.

The areas where I frequently provide coaching services include:

Business, Executive and Personal Coaching

  • Transition design - Individual and organizational change
  • Strategy and tactics - Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Business creation, growth and development initiatives
  • Leadership and management skills development
  • Career management and career change
  • Relationship enhancement - Interpersonal skill development
  • Compassionate communication, negotiation and presentation skills
  • Business and personal life balance

Business Coaching Programs

  • Team building - Performance improvement
  • Transforming workplace obstacles and difficult workplace relationships
  • Employing new methods and processes
  • Conflict resolution - Overcoming dysfunctional paradigms
  • Navigating through office politics
  • Meeting, dialogue and group facilitation
If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.
--The Gospel According to Mathew 15:14


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