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How I Work

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I conduct my practice in a number of convenient forms. I work with individuals and groups on the telephone, in private sessions in my office, or at yours. Coaching sessions are from 30 to 50 minutes and billed monthly. Consulting is billed hourly and structured according to the engagement.

I present workshops and seminars, and deliver keynote speeches that can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs. I also lead tele-classes. Email communication between sessions is available to all clients.

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I offer a complimentary consultation to experience my work and our fit. Click here to schedule.
I highly recommend working with Mark to anyone who wants to reach their personal and professional goals.
–Ed Gyurko, CEO, Brand Illumination, NY

Our work together is always specific and based on the particular circumstances, issues and concerns you or your organization currently face. While I have presented some writings on my methods and philosophies, our work is not about intellectualization, theory or philosophy.

The process we undertake is tactile, practical and action oriented. I work to promote your growth and development, improve your performance and increase your personal and business prosperity. As a collaborative relationship you participate in the design and lead in the implementation.

The work is also structured to hold you accountable to move forward on your action plan and achieve your goals. The process may include inquiry and homework between sessions, where deepened learning experiences and personal discoveries will be made.

BEWARE; making changes requires focus and effort that can be accomplished in a fun environment! I seek to create an experience where the process is action oriented and both deeply fulfilling and full of laughter. Humor, compassion and honesty are ever present in my work. This format leads to truly remarkable levels of client empowerment and organic, soulful and sustainable change.

There is nothing permanent except change.
-- Heraclitus