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His consulting and coaching was critical in helping me to cope with the personal and business stress, fear and daily uncertainty, as he guided us in restructuring our business.
--S. West, Pres., Graphic Design and Marketing, Va.

Transformational Consulting is a service I offer to help clients address the substantive and practical issues encountered in improving the operations and creating meaningful growth in your businesses. My hands-on experiences during 25 years in the commercial world serve as the foundation for my practice. I have launched a number of successful ventures as an entrepreneur, been a chief operating officer, and have served as the chief executive officer to companies ranging from start-ups to international conglomerates. Additionally I am an attorney and counselor at law. See my curriculum vitae for details.

From these diverse experiences I have mastered the substantive skills and developed understandings of the “nuts and bolts” concerns of managing and building businesses. I have first hand knowledge of the responsibilities, stress and rewards of effectively leading a company. Having been there and done it, I am uniquely qualified to assist you to bring your company to the next level of success, as you individually achieve more fulfillment and balance.

I present clients with the opportunity to combine consulting with coaching and advocacy to maximize the results and return on investment. Frequently, improving efficiencies and profitability requires changing the established ways a business operates. That will affect the larger human dynamics of a company. Good planning and pragmatism dictate that all affected parties - management and employees - are included in the process. When appropriate I provide individual, group, or team coaching as part of implementing change. Transformational Consulting helps develop collaborative efforts that ensure transitions are both sustainable and improve your business performance while increasing quantifiable, bottom-line profitability.

My consulting services are distinguished by the combination of my performances and background with the refined coaching skills and methods I have designed to create impactful business transformation. I offer the entrepreneur and small market business the opportunity to receive the support and guidance of a seasoned and sophisticated personal Director, with efficiencies and results delivered at a fraction of the cost of a comparable collection of advisors. Your success is my responsibility and reward.

The areas where I frequently provide consulting services including:

  • General corporate affairs – substantive management and operations evaluation for performance and profitability improvement
  • New business formation, acquisition and expansion
  • Strategic planning
  • Systems and processes design and re-engineering
  • Organizational growth and business development
  • Finance, cash and accounts management
  • Turn around and restructuring
  • Communications and marketing strategies and tactics


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