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How I Work

My Philosophy

IRAP Overview


How do you describe your coaching – consulting – advocacy practice?
Please click here to see a description of these disciplines and how I call upon each in service of reaching your goals.

What is the philosophy for your work?
Please click here for a complete discussion of my philosophy.

Who typically hires you?
I work with men and women, individuals and organizations from many industries. The common thread between all of my clients is their desire to design and implement transitions in their business and personal relationships. My clients seek to promote their individuality and authenticities to support increased personal or organizational performance, productivity and profitability. Individual clients include entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, middle managers, senior executives, coaches and parents. Corporate clients include start-ups, small and middle market businesses. I address issues facing the enterprise (e.g. substantive, operational and process matters), individual employees, teams and work groups.

In Transformational Coaching and Consulting the distinction between business and personal issues often dissolves as you embrace your own authenticity and alignment in purpose and in business evolves.

What are some areas where you work?
The areas in which I work are determined by the client’s specific situation. Each engagement is tailored to the client’s particular circumstances and the dynamics of the client’s environment and desires. In my practice I deal with business and life concerns that include:

Business, Executive and Personal Coaching

  • Transition design - Individual and organizational change
  • Strategy and tactics - Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Business creation, growth and development initiatives
  • Leadership and management skills development
  • Career management and career change
  • Relationship enhancement - Interpersonal skill development
  • Compassionate communication, negotiation and presentation skills
  • Business and personal life balance

Business Coaching Programs

  • Team building - Performance improvement
  • Transforming workplace obstacles and difficult workplace relationships
  • Employing new methods and processes
  • Conflict resolution - Overcoming dysfunctional paradigms
  • Navigating through office politics
  • Meeting, dialogue and group facilitation
  • General corporate affairs – substantive management and operations evaluation for performance and profitability improvement
  • New business formation, acquisition and expansion
  • Strategic planning
  • Systems and processes design and re-engineering
  • Organizational growth and business development
  • Finance, cash and accounts management
  • Turn around and restructuring
  • Communications and marketing strategies and tactics


  • Counsel and legal representation in corporate and real estate transactions and conflict resolution associated with coaching or consulting matters

Do you work on business, professional and personal matters?
Yes, clients frequently shift from one area to another during our work as the change process begins to unfold. Clients typically address business issues at the beginning of our work. We often start on a substantive concern (e.g., business development, career management, career change, management or leadership skills, cash flow, etc.) or a human dynamic issue that is impacting the business (e.g., dysfunctional environment, communications issues, etc.). Most workplace issues touch upon human personal capacities and inter-personal skills. The strategies and solutions we identify to actualize potential will transform personal capacities vital to responsible relationships in all aspects of business and life. Individual concerns for broader personal issues such as workplace and life balance, individual fulfillment and effective partnering often surface as our work progresses and changes in the workplace begin to materialize.

My clients seek to make changes that will allow them to flourish in their jobs as their authentic selves, enhance collaboration and create opportunities for high impact performance and financial gain. As we focus on seeking the just balance in each situation between personal authenticities and desires and competing business, social and economic realities, the impact is realized in all aspects of life.

Why does your practice work?
The success I have enjoyed is reflected in my clients’ transitions. The achievements of my coaching-consulting-advocacy interplay are based on my living philosophy and supported by my demonstrated skills and wisdoms. The IRAP Way™ has become a proven path to follow to achieve meaningful transition and personal and organizational growth and development.

Client success appears from what evolves organically between us in the work. An action agenda and accountability serve to move clients forward. My clients are focused and attentive to transforming their consciousness and taking heart-felt actions grounded in living thinking. As they develop their Human Personal and Social Capacities responsible relationships appear and achievements come into being. Click here to see what my clients say.

Can I work with you on a short-term or special project?
Yes. My work is designed to identify your issues and create and implement an action agenda to assist you to Actualize your Potential- to make the transition or change you desire, to fulfill your goals. While I do not work on a one-call basis, short term or special projects are often the beginning of our relationship. I require that clients commit to and schedule monthly, in advance. The work is about your achievements, and the appropriate term will manifest as the work moves ahead.

What is your privacy policy?
I have a strict policy of confidentiality designed to protect your privacy. All communications and information we share are absolutely private and not disclosed to anyone. I honor and uphold the ICF Standards of Ethics. There are engagements where I will be retained by an employer to work with an employee. In these situations all communications are private unless the parties’ permission to discuss specified issues is granted at the outset of the engagement. In the event we work in an advocacy context, our communications will also be confidential and may be also be privileged under the attorney – client privilege.

I do not and will not share, sell or rent any information of a client, a teleclass student or subscriber to The Responsible Wisdom E-Zine.

What does it cost to work with you?
The costs vary depending on the nature of the project. For all new potential clients I offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation structured as an actual coaching or consulting session. In this fashion we experience each other, our styles and our fit. Click here to schedule a complimentary session.

My coaching typically is held in sessions of 30 – 50 minutes, in person or by telephone. I require that each client commits to each month in advance.

Consulting is billed hourly and the work is often done at the client’s site, my office and on the telephone. Engagements for businesses often entail group presentations, a consulting process, individual, team and group coaching sessions and some component of management reporting. These engagements vary in duration and fees are determined on a project specific basis.

Formal advocacy – legal representation is billed hourly.

I offer unlimited email support to all clients.

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