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Approximately 4 years ago, after over two decades in business, I made a conscious life change. The businesses that my partner and I had tirelessly nurtured for seven years, that had grown exponentially as we established a national apparel brand and grew to 85 employees, had become flat and ineffective. The structure and business plan were sound, but the fundamentals of drastically changing international manufacturing markets and world-wide political conditions (e.g., NAFTA, overseas mass production, commoditization of specialty items and human labor) were beyond our control.

Rather than succumb to my fears and anxieties and maintain the status quo, with possible failure looming on the horizon, I chose to confront my resistances and transform our situation. I know upholding resistance is an inauthentic, repetitive allegiance to the past and to fears determined by the past. I chose to stand against these negativities and to embrace my faith in myself and my wisdoms. I embarked on a business and life transformation unlike any I had managed before.

As is often the case, my new beginning was the result of a passing – the closing of these businesses. To create a successful transition, I implemented good consulting, critically analyzed all of the relevant business and market realities and embarked on a process of developing strategies to profitably wind down our affairs. I used my substantial business skills and legal knowledge to create an action plan for closure and re-invention. I developed an agenda to profitably sell and liquidate the businesses in an orderly fashion. We were thus able to maximize our returns and minimize our risks, as I moved beyond the hurt and wounding to my idealized self.

In creating this seamless transition I discovered the principal of just balance. I had searched for and found my own authenticities and clarified my purpose. I balanced these very personal characteristics and my goals against the competing business, social and financial truths. The concept of just balance helped me to choose the appropriate strategy to transform a potentially devastating situation into a new opportunity.

Through my own transition, dedicated practice and intense study with leaders in business and thinkers in human consciousness, I established Transformational Coaching and Consulting. That process and my practice of helping others design business and life transitions led me to discover The IRAP Way™.

I had identified my own resistances to overcome personal, interpersonal and commercial oppositions. In perceiving that potential is the antidote to resistance, I created a very thorough and beneficial transition and a method that has since helped my clients to transform obstacles and change their desires into new realities. Having opened my imagination, I found my own language and activated a willingness to put my knowledge into action. These foundation stones form the inner structure to The IRAP Way™.

Out of my own experiences I have learned that business and life are inter-dependant, and that we human beings require personal growth, fulfillment and balance along with financial stability and achievement. It has become apparent that certain fundamental questions are presented to each of us. How do we grow our businesses and our self maintaining the just balance? What is our purpose and how do we align business activities with life decisions? What practices must we create to transform our goals, desires and visions into heartfelt, responsible realities?

As I have done for myself and many others, I can help you identify the answers to these and your own unique questions, formulate strategies and solutions that apply to the specific circumstances of your business and life, and create transitions to new opportunities. Isn’t it time you Actualize Potential to achieve your goals?

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